Road Bikes

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So, you’re interested in a road bike? Great! Maybe you want to do a local Century or charity ride? Perhaps you want to commute to work? Maybe you just want to go fast? A road bike can do all of these things very well. Road bikes are one of the most efficient bicycles for travelling longer distances quickly. Little energy gets wasted or consumed by shocks, large tires, etc.

What frame material?

So what type of frame should you choose? There are a number of options and one of them is the type of material the frame is made out of:

  • Steel: typically heavier, durable
  • Aluminum: lightweight, cheaper
  • Carbon: very lightweight, expensive
  • Titanium: less popular but Titanium offers many advantages found in both aluminum and steel

What type of riding are you going to do?

A big factor in the price of the bike are the components or parts on the bike. If you’re looking for a bike to commute to work or ride to the local coffee shop you don;t need a high end component group (also called a gruppo). A lot of people that commute or do small rides for errands use older bikes with 10 speeds rather today’s modern 20-30 speed bikes. This is partly due to the cost. Why spend more money than you have to while making your bike a target for bike thieves.